Human Resources

Human Resources

“Our most valued capital is our human resources” represents the logic behind our human resources policy.

We strictly follow the principle of giving equal opportunity to those under equal conditions when creating our recruitment policies and doing career planning.

Our objective in human resources process is to enhance continually competences of our human resources and to sustain our competitive advantage in the global environment by adhering to the following principles:

Right man for the right position
Equal pay for equal work
Merit based on success 
Equal opportunity for all

Our company does not discriminate against religion, language, race org ender, treats all employees equally in training and promoting; plans training and formulates training policies to enhance knowledge, skill and experience.

In our Company’s work environment, the highest safety and efficiency conditions are ensured.

Job description and work distribution, performance and reward criteria for our employees are defined by managers and announced to employees.

, Kısık HES’de 18, Ostim Doğalgaz Çevrim Santral işletmesinde 32,Yamula HES elektrik üretim işletmesinde 38,Akbük RES santral inşaat işyerinde 16,Kızılcahamam Orman yatırımında 3 daimi personel olmak üzere toplam 177 kişiyi

Company employs a total of 177 employees, including 42 at the Head Office, 28 at Camlica HPP, 18 at Kisik HPP, 32 at Ostim Natural Gas Plant, 38 at Yamula HPP, 16  at Akbuk WPP, 3 permanent employees at Kizilcahaman Forest investment,  

10 to 15 temporary workers are employed temporarily for hoeing and irrigation works at our Kizilcahaman Forest Establishment. Workers are not unionized. Employees who have tenure longer than one year are paid bonuses twice a year each at one month’s pay and for each employee who completed a year, a severance pay fund is reserved at one month’s pay, and this amount is paid upon layoff, retirement, military service call or death (in case of death to the heirs).