Code Of Ethics And Social Responsibility

The code of ethics established by the Board of Directors has been adopted by all company employees and the measures for compliance of such code of ethics have been taken by the Company. 

Company executives and employees may not use the confidential information that is not open to public in favour of themselves or others, may not provide information, disseminate news or make comments about the Company that are false, incorrect, misleading, or unsupported. The executives may not accept direct or indirect gifts related to the Company activities and obtain unfair benefits. Information belonging to the Company that is in the nature of trade secrets is confidential and may not be disclosed.

Our Company is keen on its social responsibilities. Regulations concerning the environment, consumers, and public health as well as ethical rules are respected. 

Within the framework of these rules, our Company has directed its investments towards renewable energy sources. Each of the investments belonging to our Company is environment friendly. Thus, our Company generates energy from natural and renewable energy sources that do not pollute the environment or damage the natural and historical texture of the geography. By generating energy from natural and renewable sources, our Company is both environment friendly and undertakes the mission of providing the economy with the natural resources of our country. 

No lawsuits have been filed against our Company for damaging the environment since its foundation. Environmental Impact Assessment reports are available for all investments of our Company. 

As a result of the importance and value it places on the environment, our Company has taken a forested land with an area of 1,505 decares in Ankara – Kizilcahamam under protection and provided our country, the forests of which are being continuously destroyed, with a valuable forest by planting hundred thousands of trees on this land.

Detail information is provided on our social responsibility projects in relevant sections of our annual reports.