Information Policy

Information policy of our company is based on the importance principle, other than those determined by the legal legislation. Explanations are publicized particularly through Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) and press channels, when necessary. Meetings are held with the press organizations upon demand at no regular intervals and when necessary. Information policies are set by Institutional Management Committee. “Partnership and Relations with Stakeholder Unit” is responsible for the execution of information policy. 
As per the rules on Publicizing Internal Information the principles of which are determined in line with the Communique of Capital Markets Board Serial No. VIII and No:54, contracts were concluded with media follow-up firms in order to ensure informing our partners and investors in a faster and more reliable manner as required by article 18 of the communique, in the event that any false information and speculations in broadcasting channels, different from the information already publicized by our company by any means, which are so important that could affect the value of the capital market instruments or the decisions of the savers, and thus press-broadcasting companies, news agencies and important internet sites are constantly being followed. 
The company prefers, as principle, protecting the rights of the investors, and thus, not to disclose future information that could affect the investment decisions of the investors and those based on the estimates.