Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a company holding supply license mean? Is Ayen Energy a supplier?

Companies holding supply licences are legal entities which are authorised by Energy Market Regulatory Board (EPDK) to engage in sale of electricity energy, either wholesale or retail sale, import, export and trade of electricity energy.
Yes, Ayen Elektrik Ticaret A.Ş., 99.9 % of the shares of which is owned by Ayen Enerji A.Ş., holds a supply license.

Who is eligible consumer? 

The consumers who are directly connected to the transmission system and any consumer whose consumption level is equal to or above the consumption limits set by EPDK every year is entitled to be an eligible consumer.

What is Eligible Consumer Limit?

Eligible Consumer limit was set by EPDK for 2014 as 4500 kWh/year. Average monthly billed value of this amount is 135 TL.
What is the advantage for me in buying electricity from Ayen Energy?
Ayen Energy has the opportunity to sell the electricity which it generated itself and provided from the market at reasonable terms  to the consumers at prices way below TEDAŞ tariffs.

What documents do you want for qualifying for an Eligible Consumer?

Required documents are; a copy of Tax Certificate, a list of authorised signatures for companies / a copy of ID and a previous electricity bill for persons.

How is electricity energy provided at discount? How is the discount rate calculated?

Supply companies offer discounts considering the electricity tariffs announced by EPDK for times a year. If the discount rate is Retail Single Time Energy Price or Retail Multiple Time electricity consumption; separate discounts may be offered for day time, peak time or night time. While determining the discount rate, consumption profiles and electricity consumption distribution are taken as basis. 

Is the discount rate only applicable to Electricity Tariff?
No, we also offer agreements at fixed prices, if you prefer. This way, you would not be affected from any possible increases at all.

How will the tariffs and changes in prices be reflected in our contract?

Electricity tariffs are quarterly determined and published by EPDK. Unit price of the consumer and the discount rates to be offered considering the existing tariff are set. Change in prices of the existing tariff is reflected in the unit price at the ratios laid down in active electricity sales contract executed with the eligible consumer. In case of any change in tariffs, your unit price will be determined considering new tariff with the existing discount rate. Therefore, you would have an advantage in any case.  

Will I continue paying my bills to Tedaş if I work with Ayen Energy?

Your consumption will be billed by Ayen Energy, and thus, you will make payment to Ayen Energy.
You can pay your bills to the banks, indicated on the bills and also notified to you, via money transfer and electronic fund transfer. You can also pay the bills through giving an automatic payment order to the banks that we have an agreement with.  

Is it necessary to make any technical change before or after starting receiving electricity from private supplier? 

There is no need for a technical change. Just the counters should be electronic as required by the relevant legislation. 

Can I subscribe to Ayen even if I owe some to my former electricity supplier?

In order to be able to make an eligible consumer contract with Ayen, you must not have a balance due to your previous supplier.

Will the quality of the electricity energy change?

The quality of your present electricity will exactly be the same since existing transmission and distribution lines are used for transmission of electricity. 

How will my consumption be determined? 

Counters will continue to be read by the officers from distribution company, as is the case today. Reading by the officers from distribution company will be recorded in the system as consumption, and your will be billed by Ayen Energy accordingly.

What are the time periods for shifting to being and Eligible Consumer? (PMUM Registration Process)
Registry applications of the Eligible Consumers delivering electricity from the Assigned Distribution Company should be filed with Market Financial Settlement Center (PMUM) on the last business day before the 6th of each month at the latest. 
The consumers delivering electricity from a company holding supply license must terminate their contract with the respective firm, in order to deliver electricity from Ayen Enerji A.Ş. In the aftermath of termination, application should be filed with PMUM on the last business day before the 10th of each month at the latest. 
In both cases, the date of approval for that you do not have any balance due to your relevant supplier firm and you are qualified for Eligible Consumer as defined by Market Financial Settlement Center (PMUM) is the last business day, at the latest, before the 23rd  of the month when the application is filed.

Will there be a contract between Ayen Energy and us?
In case of an agreement on discount rate, the consumer signs electricity sales contract with Ayen Elektrik Ticaret A.Ş, so that you have a guarantee. 

What should I do in order to supply energy from your company?
You need to provide Ayen Elektrik with some information such as your annual electricity consumption and your last bill. Then, our electricity sales team will contact you as soon as possible and m price offer. Click here for supply.